Enjoying your local area during the second lockdown

Frozen plant-life, Worth Park, Crawley

With Covid infection rates rising, the UK has been forced into lockdown once again. Travel has been restricted and, what is worse is that the UK has become the sick entity of Europe. I mean, hell, we even bred our own strain.

That being said, the last lockdown provided many of us the opportunity to expand our knowledge of our local areas. This lockdown should be no different! In fact, having explored our local areas during the spring time, we can now look at our local areas afresh in the cold grasps of winter.

My partner and I are situated in Crawley, West Sussex. It is an industry-heavy area but that has made the finding and exploring of green spaces all that more valuable. For instance, our local walk is around Ifield Mill Pond (more a lake than a pond) which is surrounded by houses on three sides and a railway on the remaining side. Despite being so close to human habitation we get a wide variety of bird species (Herons and Cormorants have been frequenting the place) and it’s a great place to take kids and dogs.

Yesterday, we went to Worth Park, Crawley. It is a lovely set of gardens with a fountain and a very picturesque pond. They have recently put a coffee hut at the entrance which is nice if people continue to bin their cups. I think that we can all agree that human trash ruins a good nature walk!

Anyway, that being said, yesterday’s walk was lovely. Our dog (recently neutered) enjoyed the slow pace and my partner and I couldn’t help but stop every few seconds to take photos of something or another. It is when forced to explore your local area that you really start to appreciate just what you find and you really start to appreciate the community in which you live.

If, like me, you are a photographer or budding photographer, these places can become playgrounds as you start looking at the from different angles. The two photos included in this piece were taken just by turning round every now and then and trying to find a new angle on those things which I looked at every day.

Exploring your local area can be fun. It can be exciting and most importantly during this awful time, it gets you out of your home and into the local area. That doesn’t mean that you have to break Covid rules. You don’t have to rub shoulders with people. You can talk across space. You can grab a coffee. Take out a book. Sit in the sun or simply enjoy the stroll for what it is.

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