Hiring processes are all wrong

I am still jobless. Still in that lovely rut where you are thrown unceremoniously into the lurch of redundancy and before any role has provide real promise.

Update over.

I have already mentioned in a previous post, is the cruel question that employers ask: What kind of salary are you expecting.

Today I will be talking about another thing that cripples so many would-be-workers and potential could-be-workers. That is the demand for people to have “relevant experience”. If someone was applying for a managerial role, then of course experience in a certain field would be entirely necessary. But middle-tier jobs or start-of-your-career jobs? To ask for experience in these levels of jobs could be seen as criminal.

An example? Well, I just saw job posted for a very well known broadcasting company who are looking for a logistics professional to join their team. The setback is that said individual must have experience within the broadcasting sector. The broadcasting company have therefore limited themselves from hiring from a wide range of capable people to hiring from a very limited section of job hunters.

Not only is the broadcast company not allowing for fresh blood to come into their midst, they are also failing to put in the necessary training. It all then becomes part of that Catch-22 situation.

How am I going to get experience, if I can’t get the job? And how am I meant to get a job, if I don’t have the experience?

It is high time that companies start investing in their workforce.

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